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Assam, Hubli impacts: Nagraj's capture and The "other" dread

1. I am composing this post a couple days after the late disclosure that the Hubli court impact and the planting of bombs on National Highway-4 [Belgaum-Dharwad] were done by Nagraj Jambagi's "module" as opposed to any Lashkar or SIMI amass.

This hasn't been satisfactorily announced in media however quickly after the impact, it was faulted for "Islamic" fear bunches. Nagraj is known to have joins with Sri Ram Sena, a radical* association that was included in assaults on Churches in Karnataka.

Amid the late decisions, the BJP had utilized it in its battle. In any case, now when it turned out Nagraj admitted his inclusion, the couple of daily papers that conveyed the report of the press confernece announced that it was 'not a dread assault'.

Why? Is it on the grounds that there was no Muslim included? Only a couple papers who in any event announced it, gave it a turn like the Midday feature 'Hubli court impact no dread assault'. It's not a joke but rather it has been made a joke.

One ought to never utilize terms like Islamic or some other type of fear based oppression yet it is utilized and when it is found that there is no Muslim edge, the demonstration leaves the meaning of psychological warfare. Is it accurate to say that it isn't peculiar?

Consider the possibility that it was a demonstration by a Muslim criminal whose name, one can envision, as an Abu X or Abu Y. Would the media have later depicted him as a dacoit required in gangwar [to remove the psychological oppressor tag] as Indian Express detailed it later, as opposed to fear mongering?

A couple of English papers in Southern India announced it [Link to Rediff news report]and additionally the way that the bombs were like those utilized as a part of Mecca Masjid impacts, yet nothing showed up on TV. Particularly standard North Indian papers disregarded it. These things should be highlighted, talked about and replied. reports that the point of Nagaraj's men was to deliver retribution and assault SIMI individuals who were conveyed to courts.

2. In the most recent three months, Assam was thrice focused by psychological oppressors - the main strike in October a year ago asserted 90 lives. The late two bomb strikes including the one on January 1 got little consideration in predominant press however a few people passed on.

Surpisingly the third impact that happened on January 9 practically got unreported in the prevailing press. As I compose it today, I can see an impact in Afghanistan getting much more scope, as though Assam is not part of the nation.

At the point when the first of the late arrangement of three impacts happened, so called media's fear specialists proposed the names of dark and known association with Arabic sounding names. Inside a day, it disappared from frontpage of daily papers and channels as it generally occurs on account of Assam or Naxalite swarmed territories.

Be that as it may, examination was directing towards Ranjan Daimari assumed name Nabla. He is pioneer of the separatist star Christian Bodoland development 'National Democratic Front of Bodoland'. In any case, as in different cases we didn't get the chance to see the photos of Nabla, in light of the fact that he was suspected, on TV channels.

At last it was Pranjal Deka, who developed as the fundamental driving force of the impacts. Only possibly 14 days back he has been killed in a cross-fire in Assam. Pranjal Deka nom de plume Biju Sarania, was one of the three ULFA aggressors, who had planted three bombs that shook Guwahati on Januar 1, was executed in an experience with security powers, composes Samudra Gupta Kashyap in the story in Indian Express. Only one question, why Dekha is portrayed as a Militant and not a Terrorist?

Again, it is not Jambagi, DR Nabla, Pranjal Deka or numerous others whose confronts we never get the opportunity to see on TV or papers however they likewise show up in public interviews and get created in courts.

3. We live in an alleged edified time. We know it is amazingly coldhearted and unsafe to brand whole groups. We as a whole know and more than us it is media that ought to know. As we compose and read this, LTTE, a transcendently Hindu association battles to hold its base in Buddhist-overwhelmed Sri Lanka. It's not Muslims who are battling there either.

Still, what appears to offer on papers and media is 'Muslim countenances' and 'Islamic fear'. The feared ness most likely increments when the photograph of a Muslim 'Abu X, Y, Z' seems instead of a Pranjal Deka, as the whiskers or a skullcap gets fitted on the head. This makes him look terrible as prominent creative energy has been bolstered throughout the years in this way.

[To some whose remarks on past posts have been directed: *Anybody can suitable any religious name and this is not constrained to quite recently the Islamic associations. The Jaish and Lashkar utilize this to censure Islam simply like Bajrang Dal is not performing anything to make a fan of Lord Hanuman pleased with the association's activities or so far as that is concerned Shiv Sena.]

It was a dull winter day a month ago when I had first observed these two men- - one wearing a saffron robe, the other in a green attire, sitting together in a recreation center.

I simply needed to be with myself and had chosen to go to a recreation center in solitude, avoiding office, Internet and the ceaseless works.

It was then that I saw the team sitting lackadaisical. It was around seven days after the fact that I again went to a similar stop and saw them. A merchant was offering customary salted white papads that are made of rice alongside 'Gur-laiya ke laddoos'.

I got them and sat with the pair, offering them the laddoos. The discussion started. Bhagat Ji cares for the samadhi of his master while Baba is overseer of a mazaar and a Khanqah (hospice) close it. Tired of unlimited open deliberations over communalism and governmental issues after the Mumbai fear assaults, it was an alleviation to meet the team - who sit at a similar place each day toward the evening.

Bhagat Ji has intriguing stories to tell. He talks about his master and his last minutes when he took samadhi. He additionally recounted to me anecdote about a Nawab who had later turned into a Sufi and after his demise, still observed strolling around his mazaar where he comes to go to the week by week Thursday night get together of 'murshads'.

In any case, more than their otherworldliness, it is the congruity of their convictions, that pulls you. They are absolutely content with themselves and the world around.

Furthermore, what strikes me more is the 'exposed non-erudite intelligence', the capacity to see that the historical backdrop of wars and strifes have been as old as human life on this planet.

That they don't get energized and take positions on the premise of their religions. Both trust in God and see no disagreement in every others' convictions.

padshahi se hai faqiirii ka paaya baala

boriyaa chhoD kyuuN takht-e-SulemaaN manguuN [Aatish]

It is this Indian resilience and enchantment that has driven this country however hardest periods ever, not the "soul" lectured on insane TV channels. We see opened up pictures of each feeling, overlooking that our actual strengh and versatility lies in our a huge number of towns and towns and the incalculable - Bhagat Jis and Khanqah Wale Babas, who live one next to the other and in immaculate agreement.

In spite of the fact that they had welcomed me, I couldn't go to see the Tazia taken out in the territory. They are firmly required with the making of tazia and the going with riutals. By chance, that Tazia is additionally taken out by relatives of a Hindu family.

Truth be told, it is these individuals who give you the look at the genuine India and the convictions of the normal Indians who stay unaffected by riffraff rousers. They are so near us yet we simply don't consider them to be we are stuck in the spoil of our ways of life where we see everything through TV and daily papers.

They dislike so called godmen who lecture against realism on TV yet need both followers and batter. Or maybe, they are fulfilled in their lives, quietly.The instructed may battle like a madhouse yet they smoke with the same 'chilam'. Bhagat Ji passes it to Baba who leaves a thick haze of smoke, as I cleared out.

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